Train to Compete at Your Highest Level
We bring together like-minded high-performance athletes aspiring to earn a spot in the USA National Teams, domestic and international professional clubs teams and college teams.



U16 - Professional ATHLETEs

(Men and Women)


If you are new to the program, apply for 1 – 4 weeks trial period. After that, you may be selected to train in the Rhinos HP Squad. Athletes are assigned to the HP Training Program or Development HP Training Program, depending on fitness and rugby skill and IQ level.







We develop all the attributes and qualities of a professional rugby player within a disciplined structure.

New Athletes can apply for:

After completion of the trial training program, New Athletes are eligible for selection to the Rhinos HP Squad or eligible to extend their training program for another 1-4 weeks in San Clemente or semester-long in Oklahoma.

Rhinos HP Squad athletes have a training schedule that is based on selection to any of the following:

Rugby Training

Rugby Intelligence (IQ) is best developed when there is a high level of understanding of the game. Our training focuses on position specific, fundamentals, principles of play and skills to optimize the players Rugby IQ.


Proper nutrition and hydration are essential to allow for maximum effort in training, which transfers into the competition environment. Our nutrition program is tailored to the goals of the training blocks.

Strength, Conditioning, Speed and Agility Training

The biggest challenge rugby players face is to stay fit for the entire duration of the game. There is a fine line between training muscles vs training movements, and we prepare you for the game with Rugby Specific S&C, Speed and Agility.


Our HP players are selected to various domestic and international competition, from U18 to Professional Series in 15s, Tens and Sevens, for Boys and Girls, Men and Women.

Performance Analysis

We regularly use various tools such as MyZone Heart Rate monitor, InBody Metrics, PNOE, and S&C and Rugby HP testing to assess performance and adjust training towards meeting players goals.

Selection Opportunities

Opportunities include: USA Rugby National Teams nominations (U18 - Eagles Men and Women), World Tens Series teams, Major League Rugby (MLR) teams, International Professional Clubs, College Teams.

Prehab and Rehab

It is an important goal to remain injury-free. Our program incorporates“Injury Prevention Protocols” to make sure we prevent injuries as much as possible. If they occur, our Physios and Athletic Trainers look after athletes with appropriate treatment and rehab programs.

Mentorship and Personal Development

Our program develops a “high-performance” and “team player” mindset through regular mentorship from coaches and sports psychologists. We also help players develop life skills through various responsibilities and activities within the program.


“Resident” and “Offsite Living” HP programs available. Rhinos San Clemente Training Center has a San Clemente Residence and a Dana Point Residence (opening August 2021). The University of Oklahoma Rhinos Training Center is scheduled to open early 2022.


Resident Program

Players accepted into the “Rhinos Resident Program” – San Clemente, live together with like-minded rugby athletes in San Clemente and train at the Rhinos San Clemente Training Center.


Resident Program

Players accepted into the “Rhinos Resident Program” – Dana Point, live together with like-minded rugby athletes in Dana Point and train at the Rhinos San Clemente Training Center.


Commuter Program

Players accepted into the “Rhinos Offsite Living Program” train at the Rhinos San Clemente Training Center or Oklahoma Rhinos Training Center, scheduled to open in early 2022.